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Professional Services

As a complement to its solution offerings, FMT Systems provides Professional Services to assist companies in the areas of business integration. We leverage our expertise in this area to assist companies with integrating the people with business processes and technology.

FMT Systems provides process-centric consulting services

Installing an ERP or supply chain or customer relationship management application is just one decision of many that will assist you in transforming your company into a leaner, more efficient organization.

Now you must consider all those other questions and their resulting decisions.

  • How will you move all your employees from the way they do business today to the way you want them to do business tomorrow?
  • How will you communicate the vision of your newly transformed organization?
  • What strategic and tactical issues that must be addressed?

FMT Systems works with you and your organization to help make that new vision a reality.

We work with the C-level executive team, key middle managers, and teams of employees to integrate their new software applications, business processes, and new work practices to ensure minimal losses in productivity.

Our clients appreciate FMT Systems because . . .

We bring only seasoned, well-rounded professionals who personally understand what an organization and its people go through to succeed with technology driven change.

Our professionals have been on the front lines as plant managers, accountants or inventory clerks and know intimately what it takes to change. FMT and our consultants understand the subtle things that companies and their people must adapt to in the changing business environment.

What FMT Systems can do for you . . .

FMT can serve as executive liaisons and strategic consultants on the front end of an ERP systems implementation or migration. We work with the executive team (CEO, CIO, CFO) and senior directors to define and plan new strategic directions and map out a course of action.

Many ERP implementations have been "dropped in place" without paying appropriate attention to clarifying the strategic direction or defining goals and objectives that make sense to the entire team. Typically, this results in great losses in productivity and capital. To achieve the desired changes from the system without suffering significant losses in productivity, FMT pays attention to the thinking, culture and new business processes within the organization.

Cisco Corporation garnered tremendous success in the networking industry by providing end-to-end (E2E) solutions. FMT and its consultants can support your technical solutions provider to offer a complete E2E solution for your ERP implementation.

FMT Systems employs only seasoned professionals who have extensive functional experience in a variety of environments. This allows FMT to ramp up quickly, provide fast response times and execute at a reasonable cost. Our familiarity with core business processes and in-depth application knowledge in a variety of business environments enables us to provide quick and knowledgeable input. The implementation goes more quickly, downtime is reduced with minimum productivity deviations. Our past and present, and presumably, future clients receive similar results: A quicker return on their investment (ROI)!

Finally, we bring a strategic, process-centered component that ensures a much higher success rate. Many implementations are technically and tactically focused. By utilizing the depth and know-how of FMT Systems' process-centered approach during their implementation, our clients become more skilled at making integrated and effective tactical and strategic decisions for their organization.

Our methodology . . .

FMT focuses in four primary areas to provide you with an "end-to-end" solution.

  • Transition Planning/Change Management
    • Site assessment
    • Gap analysis
    • Communication plans
    • Strategic links with corporate vision/mission
  • Process Education
    • Process Innovation
    • Test Scripts
    • Policy and procedure documents
  • Application Training for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Remedy, i2, Clarify, Allegis, and Siebel
    • Courseware Development
    • Instructor-led training
    • Web-based training
    • Train the trainer (for peer to peer training)
  • Performance Management Support
    • Process education and application training follow-up
    • Remediation
    • Incentive programs
    • Performance management support

Research indicates that companies often suffer from tremendous productivity losses during and subsequent to ERP implementations. Through the work of the FMT Systems', a new direction is clarified. A direction that:

  • An organization and its people can buy into
  • Prepares employees for the roles they will play
  • Explains employees' contribution to the bottom line
  • Provides effective education and training on the new system

Again and again, our process-centered approach has proved most effective in minimizing productivity losses and providing a quicker ROI.

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